The best Sailing Experience in Santorini

Santorini Sailing Cruises

Enjoy Santorini Sailing Cruises, enjoy the best catamaran experience.

Santorini Sailing Cruises

Santorini Sailing Cruise
Semi-Private Cruises

Indulge in the beauty of Santorini Sailing cruises. Enjoy the views, sunbathe, and make memories with other guests. Destinations: White beach – Red beach – Black Mountain – Hot Springs

Time duration: 10am – 3pm & 3pm – sunset

Santorini Sailing Cruises
Santorini Sailing Private Cruises

Experience Santorini like never before with our private catamaran cruises. Enjoy luxury and comfort exclusively with your own group Destinations: White beach – Red beach – Black Mountain – Hot Springs Time duration: 10am – 3pm & 3pm – sunset

Santorini Sailing Cruise

Our professional and experienced crew will ensure a seamless and memorable sailing experience as you navigate the Aegean Sea Destinations: Curate your own trip, pick out the locations you’d like to visit! Time Duration: Flexible

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Sailing cruises & Destinations

Santorini, Greece is a beautiful island that is best seen with Santorini Sailing Cruise. Sailing around the island allows tourists to take in stunning views of the caldera, the island’s coastline, and the surrounding sea. Destinations such as the black, red, and white beaches offer unique sand colors and deep blue waters, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The volcanic hot springs located near the volcano are a must-visit destination. Its ulfuric waters are said to have therapeutic properties and provide a natural spa-like experience. Our sailing cruise offer a range of experiences, from luxury sunset cruises to adventurous excursions. Santorini’s sailing cruises are a great way to experience the beauty of the island and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Santorini Sailing Cruises
Santorini Sailing Cruises
Santorini Sailing Cruises
Santorini Sailing Cruises

Santorini Sailing Cruises
The Catamaran

The Lagoon 440 catamaran stands as a pinnacle of nautical sophistication, boasting a harmonious fusion of form and function. This vessel’s expansive living spaces redefine on-board luxury, with meticulously designed cabins and lounges that provide both comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

 Cutting-edge technology, including state-of-the-art navigation systems and efficient sail handling, ensures a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience. 

The Lagoon 440’s deck layout promotes easy maneuvering, while its innovative design maximizes stability and performance. With an emphasis on elegance, this catamaran offers a host of amenities, from a well-equipped galley to spacious outdoor lounging areas, promising an unforgettable maritime adventure.


Day Cruise & Sunset

The catamaran of Santorini Sailing CRuises begins from Vlychada Port at 10:00am. For the sunset cruise it starts 15:00pm

We head towards the southern part of Santorini. We sail close to Thirasia islandAspronissi island and Akrotiri cape.

According to the route, our first stop is the Red Beach with deep blue waters and impressive red rock formations. We stop there for 30 minutes for swimming and snorkeling. We continue southwards and our next stop at the White Beach. White Beach can be accessed only by boat as there is no road leading to it. We stop there for one hour for swimming, snorkeling and barbeque lunch on board the vessel. The captain and crew prepare the buffet with recipes from Greek cuisine, local fruits, Santorini’s finest wine and soft drinks. 

Eventually we’ll start to cruise to our next destination, the Volcanic Springs, where you can swim at Sulpheric waters. With a temperature of 5 Celsius degrees warmer than the rest of the sea, swimming in the Hot Springs relaxes your body.

On our way back to Vlychada Port, we sail very close to the cliffs of the Caldera, so you can take some very good pictures of the Caldera wall and the geologic formations.

We return to Vlychada at approximately 15:00 and we take you back to your hotels with our coaches. for the Sunset Cruise we return 20:00pm

Our vessel is a 13.61 m sailing catamaran.

Included in the price: All taxes, Round trip transfers, snorkeling equipment (mask & snorkel), life jacket, barbeque lunch & drinks. 

Towels are NOT included on this cruise.

Location Visiting

 The Locations we will be visiting are: Red Beach – White Beach – Black Rock – Volcano of Santorini / Hot Springs – Old Port of Fira – Oia Ammoudi

Its surroundings of enormous volcanic rocks, black and red pebbles, and sand of various colors, mainly red, compose a wild scenery that attracts all the visitors and captivates everyone. Its rock formations and its interesting marine life, also ideal if you are interesting for snorkeling.

The most effortless and at the same time thrilling way of visiting the White beach is by the private or semi-private Catamaran, this marks the first stop of our Sailing cruise where you’ll be able to jump in the waters and/or enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Like no other location on the island, this one is unique! The pitch black volcanic rock formation has been a must stop in the past 20 years as it makes the wide sea feel like a secluded private luxury area on its own!

The famous Hot Springs, waters full of sulfur that are known for their therapeutic effects. You can enjoy yourself with a different mud bath while gazing at the amazing view of the Caldera that lies opposite.

Comparatively It is a beautiful, tiny cove with crystalline waters and fishing boats lying in the sea. Undeniably, it is one of the most picturesque sites of Santorini that stands out for its traditional character. Along the waterfront there are several fish taverns, standing side by side.

Foods & Drinks

The Standard Cruise will have:

  • Greek Buffet
  • Local Wines & Beverages
Santorini Sailing Cruise food

The Premium Cruise will have:

  • Greek Buffet
  • Appetizers
  • BBQ Chicken Fillet
  • BBQ Shrimps
  • Pasta
  • Greek Salad
  • Tzatziki Dips
  • Local Wines & Beverages

Booking Prices

In order to book the Santorini Sailing Cruises, a booking deposit of 20% is required per person form the final balance. The Day time Catamaran Cruise that starts at 10:00 and ends approximately 15:00, with the Standard Food menu is at 80€ per PersonThe premium Cruise will be at the cost of 100 Euros per person. The price for the Sunset Catamaran Cruise that tarts at 15:00 and ends at Sunset costs 80€ for the Standard Menu & 100€ for the Premium Menu.

Cancellation Policy

Upon Cancellation, the booking deposit only be returned 7 days prior to the booking date, as the booking deposit is used to purchase the food quantities and prepare amenities for the your upcoming booking cruise.

Photography & Videography

If you’d like to book a photography and/or videography on deck or on land, feel free to visit