Red beach

A unique spectacle & rare beauty is the Red Beach of Santorini Island! It’s time for you to visit this picturesque location.

The Red Beach is located in the south part of the island, in Akrotiri village, right after the famous Akrotiri Excavations site.  The vibrant red and ochre cliffs rise majestically from the cerulean sea, creating a stunning backdrop that looks straight out of a postcard – or perhaps a scene from a mermaid’s daydream. Your catamaran anchors in the embrace of this kaleidoscopic haven, and you find yourself torn between plunging into the inviting waters or snapping Instagram-worthy pictures of this surreal landscape.

Wondering why to visit the Red Beach in Santorini?

The red beach is famous for its vibrant red colour, due to the volcanic eruption thousand years BC, the pigment of the rocks is due to its high potency of Fe (Iron). It’s a great snorkeling location.

Trip Info

On this stop we will relax and enjoy the beautiful Red Mountain and summer vibes, anyone who is willing to jump in the water is free to do so!

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