Amoudi Bay


Nestled on the northwestern tip of the captivating Santorini island, Amoudi Bay is a hidden gem awaiting discovery. This picturesque bay, renowned for its tranquil ambiance and traditional charm, invites visitors to experience the authentic essence of Greek island life. The red rocks created by the volcanic eruption and the fisherman boats give life to the port as one of the most iconic bay’s of Greece. It’s also a walking distance from the Oia center and one of the most favorable locations to see the sunset while eating kalamaraki and octapus on the docks. | Santorini Sailing Amoudi

Wondering why to visit the Amoudi Bay in Santorini?

The best place to look at the Amoudi Bay is from far away, and that’s exactly how we will be viewing it! It’s one of the least modified traditional locations on the island. | Santorini Sailing Amoudi

Santorini Sailing Amoudi

Trip Info

We will visit the outskirts of Amoudi Bay because we cannot disrupt the local fishermen!

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