Santorini Sailing Trips Locations

Embark on an Extraordinary Catamaran Voyage to Discover Breathtaking Destinations Worldwide. Unveiling Iconic Wonders That Will Leave You in Awe. Explore the Highlights Below:

The locations
 Red Beach - White Beach - Akrotiri Clears Waters - Volcano of Santorini / Hot Springs - Old Port of Fira - Oia Ammoudi

Santorini White Beach

The most effortless and at the same time thrilling way of visiting the White beach is by the private or semi-private Catamaran, this marks the first stop of our Sailing cruise where you’ll be able to jump in the waters and/or enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Red Beach of Santorini

Its surroundings of enormous volcanic rocks, black and red pebbles, and sand of various colors, mainly red, compose a wild scenery that attracts all the visitors and captivates everyone. Its rock formations and its interesting marine life, also ideal if you are interesting for snorkeling.

Black rock

Like no other location on the island, this one is unique! The pitch black volcanic rock formation has been a must stop in the past 20 years as it makes the wide sea feel like a secluded private luxury area on its own!

Santorini Sailing Volcanic Springs
Volcanic Hot Springs

The famous Hot Springs, waters full of sulfur that are known for their therapeutic effects. You can enjoy yourself with a different mud bath while gazing at the amazing view of the Caldera that lies opposite.

Santorini Sailing Amoudi
Amoudi Bay Santorini

It is a beautiful, tiny cove with crystalline waters and fishing boats lying in the sea. Undeniably, it is one of the most picturesque sites of Santorini that stands out for its traditional character. Along the waterfront there are several fish taverns, standing side by side, by the sea where you can taste delicious fresh dishes and unwind under the sound of the waves while you are facing the vast Aegean Sea. It the perfect spot.

  • Duration

    The Semi Catamaran Cruise is a 5 hour. The morning cruise is from 10:00-15:00, The sunset cruise is from 15:00 to Sunset!

  • Destinations

    Departing from the Vlychada port, you will sail infant of the Red, white & Black beach alongside with the hot springs of the famous caldera volcano, while we approach our final destination Thirasia.

  • Cuisine

    Whether you are a fan of seafood or pasta, meat or vegetables, our menu has something for everyone. Our commitment to quality is evident in every dish we serve. Santorini Sailing Trips